Δευτέρα, 24 Φεβρουαρίου 2014

The World's First Hybrid Smart Band from HUAWEI

Now a wearable device that lets you talk while keeping track of your active life. It connects your wrist to your smart-phone so you can stay updated with all of the information you need about your daily life with just a quick glance.

Outstanding All-Around Power

23 February, 2014
The impressive battery performance can last for up to 6 days with only a 2-hour charge. Which means you can spend less time charging and more time keeping track of everything important in your life.

1.4" Film OLED Technology

23 February, 2014
The Smart Band will captivate you with its brilliantly sharp display. Extremely thin and light, only 0.3 mm wide while weighing only 1 gram, the bendable curve design fits your wrist like a second skin. Smart technology has never been more beautiful.

Staying Fit Never Looked So Good

23 February, 2014
The Smart Band provides you with desirable style, lasting durability, and uncompromising comfort. Made from high quality thermoplastic vulcanized silicone and tested by the highest standards, its sleek design can keep up with the most rugged of lifestyles. Now you can be fashionable while keeping in touch and staying in shape. 

IP 57,Water and Dust Resistant

23 February, 2014
Now stunning design and cutting-edge technology merge beautifully together with durable construction. Equipped with a strong yet lightweight frame, the Smart Band can effortlessly withstand the most rugged of environments never letting the elements slow you down while you live your life to the fullest!
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